$159 is a lot of money for headphones. 1  So you’d expect that if you drop that kind of cash on some headphones, then you should get something cool for your money.   There are lots of reviews that’ll tell you all about how awesome (or not) the AirPods might be.  Instead I’m going to write a review about what it’s like to live with these things.  That’s way more interesting to me. AirPods Launch Experience So, a lot of reviews talk about the first pairing experience.  They don’t do it justice.  I don’t know if I can, either. Normal headphones require you plug them into whatever device. Then you’ve got to manage this cable tethered to you that magically wraps[…]

So, it’s way chilly out and cold season is setting in and everything is bleak and awful.  And because of that I’m going to completely ignore the current political climate and share one of my favorite recipes with you — from Russia with love. This drink is called sbiten.  It sounds like “spit in”, but it tastes so delicious you wouldn’t care if it were.   This drink is like a liquid furnace.  I shit you not, once I drank two glasses of this stuff and had to stand outside in the snow, in my t-shirt, to stop sweating.   If you have a chill, this will burn that chill out and leave you with the feeling that you may have consumed liquid[…]

If I told you that you could get an extra ~40 hours a month, lose weight, and save money with a simple change of your diet, what kind of stake would you have me burned on?  I’m an oak kind of person, myself.    I mean, probably not so dramatic, but it’s at least theoretically possible to get those benefits.  I have, intermittently, lived on a poorly named nutritious drink thing called Soylent—and it went about like that. The premise of soylent is pretty simple.  Mix powder and water into container until properly drinkable. Eat that instead of other foods.  And despite what the labels say, you can basically live on the stuff.   I did for months at a time and I[…]

Today I lost maybe 90% of all my earthly belongings to a fire.  Folks who know me know I’d put most of my life in storage so I could live small while prepared to move to a new apartment or house in Va or Maryland.  If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to have all your furniture, appliances, books, and almost everything you had an emotional attachment to disappear basically overnight — if you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to find out that you lost most everything from your local newspaper — It’s not pleasant. Feelings aren’t my strong suit but there’s this middle ground between acceptance and disbelief where you know the ashes you’re looking at used[…]

I thought I’d start off with a topic that absolutely nobody has an opinion about at all — the best way to have a glass of whisky.  Lemme preface with this.  This is about having a glass of whisky.  Not a shot. Only barbarians shoot whisky.  This is my hard earned method for having a nice, enjoyable glass of whisky. Here’s what you do.  You pour yourself at least a double of whisky. A glass is better, but a double will do.  And you put exactly one ice cube in it.  I call it the “Just One Rock” method. Here’s why.  Purists will tell you to drink your whisky neat.  Ultra snobs will tell you to add a few drops of[…]

Dear valued reader, Welcome to my website.  Now that the formalities are out of the way, let me tell you why you will probably never ever bother coming back here. I’m going to bore you.  A lot. It’s just who I am.  I like Apple, politics, whisky/ey and wine, recipes, programming, gadgets, Dr. Who, and apps (list not final, not in any particular order).  I will write about those things almost exclusively.  If you’re struggling to stop your eyes backflipping, it’s safe to say you’ll be better off not reading this nonsense. I’m writing for me! #selfEsteem #goals I mean don’t get me wrong.  I’m putting this out there for you to read, but for the most part I’m just gonna[…]